• Testimonials

  • Have had work done on several vehicles and always satisfied.

    Rating: Rose Cruzado

  • Very nice...very pleased [and] will be back [to] do business with them again.

    Rating: Judy Lynn Smith

  • Honest hard working men down to the third generation that do their best to get anything you need done.

    Rating: Rebekah Dauzart Savoie

  • Now this is how you run a business!!! I am from out of town and was visiting my Grandfather, who needed two front tires replaced on his truck. The ride was just two rough for him, so he went to the one place he comes for this kind of thing. As we walked in, my Grandfather told me he has known the owner for nearly 30 years and mentioned he is one of the best individuals he knows. Well, after leaving Auto tech, I can see why. He first came out and talked with my grandfather and greeted him with the utmost respect. He then sent a gentleman out to retrieve two tires for my grandfather. Keep in mind my grandfather wanted two used tires, not new ones. The gentleman came in with two nice tires, but they had different tread on them. My grandfather expressed concern about it and the owner agreed and sent his employee to find two others. In just a few short minutes the very respectful employee came in with two tires that my grandfather really liked. When asked how much he owes, the owner gave my grandfather a price that was obviously only for a long time friend. I could tell the owner was not making a dime off of my grandfather. After additional small talk, he wished us well with a handshake and sent us to a place he recommended for the mounting of the tires. When we got there, it was obvious that he had called down and notified them that we were coming. When all was said and done, we were handed the keys and told "have a nice day". I asked the young man how much we owed and he said it was already taken care of. It still remains a mystery who paid for the mounting of these tires. Could it be the owner from Auto Tech? Honestly I don't know, but what I do know is that Auto Tech is a prime example of how a business should be managed. We received a warm welcome, honesty, a very fair price, and ultimately an awesome buying experience. In all honesty I have never seen a business in California (where I am located) treat a customer with such deep respect. Friend or not, this is the true meaning of a great American Business that should be modeled after. 5 stars does not do this business justice and hands down Auto Tech deserves more!

    Rating: Johnny M.